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Our Guest This Week:
Tara Wilder
Online Marketing Strategist & Founder of Envivo
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Eric Sharpe - Digital Marketer
Creator & Host
Eric Sharpe
Unique Stories from Incredible Entrepreneurs
Hi there! I'm the creator and host of Digital Chatter, Eric Sharpe.

When you have the blood of an Entrepreneur, it flows through you in every way. My guests come from different backgrounds and verticals, and they all share one thing. A passion to create, learn and grow alongside their business.

I created Digital Chatter to highlight the incredible stories, bonds and trials that Entrepreneurs go through. We build on our success and even the failures that brought us to where we are right now. If you want to be an entrepreneur or are a seasoned veteran, I hope you enjoy the stories and learn something valuable from my unique guests. If you think you or someone you know would be a great guest, please reach out to my team and we'll schedule an intro call.

-- Eric Sharpe
CEO of Digital Envy
Elizabeth Giorgi
Founder and CEO of Mighteor
Episode #016
Amy Waninger
Founder and CEO
Episode #015
Emi Kirschner
Business Coach - Serial Entrepreneur
Episode #014
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Artist Entrepreneur
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Brendan Allen Barrett
Founder of Start in Pheonix
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Author & Speaker
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Social Entrepreneur
Christian Zimmerman
Mobile App Entrepreneur
Michele Scism
Serial Entrepreneur, Business Coach & Author
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Entrepreneur, Speaker & Author
Susan Weeks
Podcast Producer & Entrepreneur
Gregg Burkhalter 
"The LinkedIn Guy"
Alan Smithson 
Father, Investor, Entrepreneur Metavrse
Aaron Gravett
Andy Cabistan 
Co-Founder of Watson Works
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